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Address: 41 Myronosytzka Str., Kharkiv, 61002 (building 1)
7 Moskovska avenue, Kharkiv, 61003 (building 2)
Phone: +380 (057) – 700-53-42
Phone/fax: +380 (057) 715-73-80

Skype: daho_chit_zal
Web: www.archives.kh.gov.ua
e-mail: archive_kh@arch.gov.ua

Transport: underground station “Universytet” (building 1)
and underground station “Maidan Konstytutsii” (building 2)
tram Nº 5, 6 (to stop at side – str. Korolenko)

Working hours: M-F 8.30 am – 5pm

Reading room hours of operation: M-F 9:00 am-4.30pm

Director: Kusch Yevgen

Acting director: Vacanc

– History
– Funds
– Scientific references
– Computer-aided databases
– Scientific reference library
– Library

– Kharkiv Territorial Historic Archive (1926-1932)
– Kharkiv Regional Historic Archive (1932-1941)
– Kharkiv Region State Archive (1941-1958)
– Kharkiv Regional State Archive (1958-1980)
– Kharkiv Region State Archive (since 1980)

– 4708 f., 2340727 ref., 1739-2012;
– 12754 units of scientific-technical documentation issues, 1780-1972;
– 912 units of motion picture documents issues, 1966-2011;
– 35722 units of photography documents issues, 1945-2011;
– 1342 units of phonological documents, 1959-2007.
– 23 units video documents, 1991, 1995, 2003-2006.

Scientific references
– 18364
– systematic;
– nominal;
– geographic;
– systematic for motion picture, photography, phonological documents;
– 862 f., 401876 ref. are subject handled, 590564 subject cards are composed.
– ua DAXO f. 3 Kharkiv Governor’s Administrative Support Center, Kharkiv – nominal (des. 287 secret department (continuing supplement));
– ua DAXO f. R-564 Kharkiv Regional Labor-Country Militia – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-854 Kharkiv District Executive Committee – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-1156 Kharkiv Municipal Communal Services – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-1163 Kharkiv Municipal Leasing Department – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-3009 Kharkiv Municipal Medico-Legal Mortuary (occupation period 1941-1943) – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-3560 Kupyansk single-area MTS – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-3858 Kharkiv Regional Executive Committee – nominal (citizens evacuated in 1941);
– ua DAXO f. R-5058 Kharkiv Chemical Forestry – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-5059 Izum Industrial Forestry – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-5716 Kharkiv Soviet National Economy – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-6440 Filtration cases Collection of the citizens taken to Germany from Kharkiv region occupied territory during 1941-1943 – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. R-6445 Trophy documents Collection of the prisoners of war and repatriates of 1941-1945 born in Kharkiv region and mobilized soldiers from the territory of Kharkiv region – nominal;
– ua DAXO f. P-14 Kharkiv Regional Cimmittee LKMU (1922-1961) – chronological;
– ua DAXO f. P-11589 Photography documents Collection of Kharkiv region organization CPU history – nominal;
– the Kharkiv region nationals repressed extrajuridically – nominal (computer variant);
– the pupils and students of Kharkiv, who participated in the city re-building in 1943-1945 – nominal;
– the funds of Barvinkovo, Balakliya, Vovchansk, Velykyj Burluk, Zachepylivka, Zolochiv Single-Area and Territorial Councils (occupation period f. R-3039, R-3093, R-3103, R-3133, R-3147, R-3210, R-3289) – nominal;
– the funds of the 2nd Kharkiv and Lubotyn Notary’s Offices (occupation period f. R-3025, R-3227) – nominal;
– the funds of Kharkiv Regional, District and Municipal Building Cooperative Societies (f. R-1401, R-1402, R-1451) – nominal;
– the funds of Kharkiv District Executive Committee, Balakliya, Vovchansk, Krasnograd, Lubotyn Local Executive Committees (f. R-1100, R-4997, R-5679, R5727, R-6088) – nominal.

Scientific refernces

– social organisms of the period to 1917 – f. 201 Kharkiv Medical Society, Kharkiv; f. 237 Kharkiv Society of Agriculture, Kharkiv; f. 312 Kharkiv Province Committee of All-Russian Territorial Society, Kharkiv;
– Police Agencies – f. 54 Bogodukhiv Local Police Office, Bogobukhiv of Kharkiv province; f. 67 Izum Local Police Office, Izum of Kharkiv province; f. 69 Kharkiv Local Office, Kharkiv;
– institutions of Rural and Municipal Self-Government – f. 6 Province city Kharkiv Improvement Committee; f. 15 Kharkiv Province Gentry Leader Office; f. 82 Izum Local Territorial Council, Izum of Kharkiv province; f. 83 Izum Local Council, Izum of Kharkiv province; f. 306 Bogodukhiv District Territorial Council, Bogodukhiv of Kharkiv Council; f. 307 Valky District Territorial Council, Valky of Kharkiv Council; f. 308 Vovchansk District Territorial Council, Vovchansk of Kharkiv Council; Zmijiv District Territorial Council, Zmijiv of Kharkiv Council; f. 757 Izum Municipal Representative Assembly, Izum of Kharkiv province;
– institutions, organizations, industrial enterprises of Kharkiv-city – the factory of Agricultural Machinery of Gelferih-Sade’s company, Kharkiv; f. 749 the factory of the Russian Steam Train Building and Mechanical company, Kharkiv; f. 922 Senior Factory Inspector of Kharkiv province’s Office, Kharkiv; f. 923 Kharkiv Province Factory and Mining Office, Kharkiv; f. 930 Russian Steam Train Building and Mechanical Company Gevernment, Kharkiv;
– cultural and educational, medical organizations of Kharkiv – f. 12 Kharkiv Medical Council; f. 200 Kharkiv Community of People’s Literacy Spreading; f. 266 Public Colleges Director’s Office of Kharkiv province; f. 488 Ukrainian Kvitka-Osnovyanenko Literature-Ethnography Community in Kharkiv; f. 667 Kharkiv University; f. 770 Kharkiv technological university, f. 983 Kharkiv Secondary Agricultural College, Lozovenky st. of Kharkiv province.

– f. 3 Kharkiv Governor’s Administrative Support Center, Kharkiv – nominal (des. 287 secret department (continuing supplement);
– f. 4 Kharkiv Province Government – thematic;
– f. 7 Kharkiv Province Public Prosecutor’s Office, Kharkiv – subject;
– f. 11 Horosheve Voznesensky second-grade nunnery, Horosheve of Kharkiv province – nominal, geographical-thematic (computer variant);
– f. 14 Kharkiv Provincial Gentry Deputy Council, Kharkiv – nominal;
– f. 16 Kharkiv Provincial Office of Country Cases, Kharkiv – subject;
– f. 18 Kharkiv Provincial Office, Kharkiv – subject;
– f. 19 Kharkiv Provincial Office of Territorial and Municipal Cases, Kharkiv – subject;
– f. 25 Kharkiv Provincial Drawing Office, Kharkiv – nominal;
– f. 31 Kharkiv State Chamber, Kharkiv – subject-geographical (computer variant);
– f. 32 Kharkiv Chamber of State Property – subject;
– f. 40 Kharkiv Clerical Consistory, Kharkiv – subject-geographical;
– f. 44 Kharkiv Municipal 6-Voice Duma – subject;
– f. 45 Kharkiv Municipal Council – subject;
– f. 46 Kharkiv Province State Property Government – subject;
– f. 52 Kharkiv Head of City Police’s Office – nominal;
– f. 958 Kharkiv Rabbi’s Office, Kharkiv – geographical-thematic (computer variant);
– f. 965 Kharkiv Roman Catholic Church Supervisor’s Office – geographical-thematic (computer variant);
– f. R-408 Kharkiv Municipal Board of Labour Deputies Executive Committee, Kharkiv – subject;
– f. R-869 Local Industry Department of Kharkiv District Executive Committee of Labour, Country and Red Army Deputies, Kharkiv – subject.

– on city building, architecture, historical and cultural sights protection;
– poor peasants committees during 1920-1932;
– scientific and technical societies of USSR during 1966-1980;
– physical training and sports organizations and agencies in Kharkiv region during 1923-1970;
– agricultural crops capacity in Kharkiv region during 1920-1968;
– information survey about banners on customs offices, courts, about revetment forms, uniform of the Russian Empire customs officers, signets and stamps in 1827-1903;
– Kharkiv regional archives documents about occupation regime on Kharkiv territory (1941-1943);
– event chronicle in Kharkiv-city and Kharkiv region during the German occupation (October of 1941 – August of 1943);
– a descriptive articles survey to archive funds of personal origin, stored in Kharkiv Region State Archive;
– a scientific references survey to capital asserts of former party archive.

– f. 4 Building Department of Kharkiv Provincial Government;
– f. 44 Kharkiv Municipal 6-Voice Duma;
– f. 749 Kharkiv Factory of the Russian Steam Train Building and Mechanical Society;
– f. R-156 the Southern Railroad Government;
– f. R-408 Kharkiv Municipal Council of Labour, Country and Red Army Deputies;
– f. R-1330 Kharkiv region Bureau of the Southern Sanitary Engineering Building;
– f. R-1354 Kharkiv Komintern State Steam Train Building Plant;
– f. R-1606 Kharkiv Regional Trade Unions Council;
– f. R-2982 Kharkiv Municipal Council (occupation period 1941-1943);
– f. R-3858 Kharkiv Regional Council of National Deputies Executive Committee;
– f. R-4672 Agriculture Government of Kharkiv Regional Labour Deputies Council Executive Committee;
– f. R-5716 National Economy Council of the Kharkiv economical district.

Computer-aided databases

– the nationals, taken to Germany for compulsory work (Kharkiv, Kharkiv region; 2 sections): 94807 items;
– the kulaks, being dispossessed during 1920-1930: 46824 items;
– a birth certificates index (f.40; 13 sections): 40029 items;
– social groups in revision materials (f.31, rev.141; 21 section): 56705 items;
– the archive funds of Kharkiv Region State Archive: 7958 items.

Scientific reference library
– 37910 items of books and brochures, 8900 journals, 4932 newspaper files, 4546 items of special editions (fliers, posters, leaflets etc.)

The library fund includes legislative editions: the whole publication of the Russian Empire laws; the issue of legitimating documents and the Government directions, edited in affiliation to the Russian Empire Senate; annual issues of the legitimating documents and directions of the USSR, Ukrainian SSR; the weekly issue of legislative acts “Official Herald of Ukraine” etc.
The library stores the publications of different institutions and organizations: Kharkiv Provincial Territorial Council, the reports of annual assemblies of Territorial Public Sessions on separate questions, annual Territorial Councils reports, Municipal Duma meetings papers, Kharkiv University Board meetings minutes and its “Scientific Proceedings”.
The library contains reports, papers of Kharkiv Bureau of State, Land and other banks, Kharkiv Medical and Musical Societies publications, Provincial Statistic Committee papers, documents on Kharkiv province history by D. Bagaliy, V. Karazin, M. Sumtzov, “Topographical definition of Kharkiv region ruled by Governor General” (1787), “The history of Kharkiv for 250 years of its existence”, “The history experience of Kharkiv University”, issues of archeological congresses.
Reference publications are presented by the Encyclopaedia by Brokhouse and Efrone, Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopaedia, Ukraine Studies Encyclopaedia, Historical Encyclopaedia. The fund possesses the issues of archive documents and materials, including series “Ancient Towns of Kharkiv region”, “My land, Slobozhanshchinо!”
Periodic for 1917-2009 is kept – central, republic, regional, local, district, departmental etc. publications.
The reference apparatus of the library: systematic and alphabetical catalogues.

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